What Would Happen if the Sun Disappeared?

What if the sun Disappeard?
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The sun is about 109 times larger in diameter of the earth, and about 333,000 times more is mass compared to earth. Everything is made up of mass, this includes the moon, sun, stars, and even you. Gravity is also a matter of mass. Sun also has gravity and it pulls everything near itself, but it doesn’t feel because the gravitational force of earth balance everything.

Sun is also the closest star to earth, and it is also helpful for life on earth because it lights and heat the surface of earth and make it suitable for life.

Here’s a fact, due to sun you can go to beach and have a tan.

So, you ever wondered. What will happen if the sun disappears? What if aliens from another galaxy come and take our sun with them?

You can’t have a sun tan, it’s that simple bro

If the Sun magically disappeared, first we wouldn’t notice anything cause earth is 8 minutes and 20 light-second away from the sun. Light, it means how much time it takes for light to travel. Let’s take an example, 60 million light-years away there a planet on which some minions exists and they have an advance telescope to watch at the earth, they will be looking at the yawning of the dinosaurs cause sunlight reflected from the earth will require 60 million years to reach the minion’s eye.

It will take 8 minutes and 20 seconds to get delivered this good news to earth. After 8 minutes and 20 seconds, we all will be confused about what happened, also the gravitational influence of the sun on earth will take the same time as the light to reach us because gravity also moves at the speed of light.

So, the very moment we see the sun disappear the change on gravity’s influence on earth will happen, and the Earth would continue their way forward in a straight line off into this massive space, instead of following their almost-circular orbits because the sun is the only thing that holds the earth (and other planets) in a circular position by his gravity and now it’s gone.

Hmm, dude, it’s that simple.

Now this means the Earth would heading towards the stars at about 30km/s (67,000mph). There may be some later interaction between the planets of the former Solar System, but otherwise, we’d continue transiting through space. Looking at other planets in the sky revolving around and reflecting the light sun for another 30 minutes.

Without sun and moon, there would no source of light. You must be wondering what the hell happened to the moon. Without sun moon doesn’t have any light to reflect, it’s those simple fuzzies.

But, according to a scientist, Abdul the milky provides the 1/300th of full moonlight, in addition, people on earth will also be able to use electricity to light things up.

Photosynthesis will Stop.

As a result, plants won’t be able to breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, it sounds a bit creepy but doesn’t worry even after this happens there will be enough oxygen on earth for us including animal, birds, insect and all living organisms to last thousands of years, as a result of the photosynthesis has stopped. The tree will die a painful death without the sun.

Within days, weeks, or months most of them would likely be dead except ferocious trees. For instance, they contain enough sugar for energy that they could live without the sun.

But for years, they gonna be deep freeze, their blood, their sap, will harden way before they die of this suffering, all life on the earth exists because of the extraterrestrial objects like the sun, but beneath the earth, there would be quite warm. Deep inside core radioactive particles decay that helps the core to get the energy to heat up the core to 6000 Degree Celsius.

Chris Marone, Penn State professor of geosciences says, the core is quite enough hot to make 200 cups of hot coffee every hour, for all the 7 billion beings.

Tough there will another problem welcoming us.

Alert! For the sunglasses shop owners.

Without Sun What will Heat Earth

Right now, with the sun the average temperature on earth is like 14 to 15 Degree Celsius. After the sun disappeared the earth will cool down quickly.

Within a few weeks, temperatures will go down as 0 Degree Celsius. Even after the estimate, all the fuel will last for a few months, but by the end of the years, there would be only one option to go underground as deep as we can, all the oceans will be frozen but they will be liquefied inside because the core will be still heating the water, along with miles of icy insulating layer protection water from space.

In the next 10 to 20 years, the earth will start to get wet, not because of water, instead of liquified air, the atmosphere of the earth will be cold enough so that the air could condense and form clouds, that rains.

What will Happen to all Living

Some organisms might live, deep inside the oceans water, and who knows, if the earth after travelling for thousands of years may find a star and get into its gravitational influence and start revolving and this would heat the earth, liquefy the water, and the microorganisms living inside oceans could evolve into some new species other than or likely to human.

Another important fact

Ita about 5 billion years of time for the sun to die and it will not suddenly disappear or blast. So sit back and relax, enjoy the sunrise and sunset. See the beautiful sun and have a cup of tea.

What will happen to the sun before it dies? We will talk about questions on other days or other blogs.

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