What If the Moon Disappeared Right Now?

What if the moon is Disappeared?
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Well finally, here’s a question I’ve never asked, and I’ll bet you haven’t either. What if the moon Disappeared?
Well for some of you moon will be just a rocky giant ball-shaped satellite revolving around the earth, but you ever thought how our life will be without our rocky giant satellite.

How Our Moon Created?

However, there was a time 4 billion years ago from today a new planet was born in the solar system whom we call the earth in today’s time. When the earth was born it has no such thing as the moon, but sometimes later such an incident happened that changed the world.

Thank’s to that otherwise we were not here!
Ha, Ha, Ha

4 billion years ago, the earth was alone revolving the sun until a Mars-sized planet-like object called theia, collided with our planet. Theia was named for the Titaness Theia, who in Greek mythology was the mother of Selene, the goddess of the moon, which parallels the planet Theia’s collision with the early Earth that is theorized to have created the Moon.

How Our Moon Created?

Now you will be thinking that such a monstrous thing has brought nothing but a disaster, but the answer is it’s opposite, As a result of the collision, the earth shattered into huge pieces and due to the gravity of earth, the pieces of the moon started revolving around the earth and created a beautiful and mind-blowing object called the moon(Chanda mama).

According to some scientist saying, without moon, there was no possibility of life on earth, and the moon is responsible for this precise nature for living and all the required conditions for the appearance of life on earth, all life of this green world was evolved in the big oceans.

But why is that? Why there is no possibility of life with this giant ball called the moon? What does the moon have to do with this?

Well, one of the most important things about the moon is the impact its gravitational pull has on the earth its all that is responsible for controlling the ocean tides. Have you ever wondered the reason behind the tides rise and fall inside oceans, some of you must be thinking it’s the wind but it’s not because of wind it’s because of the object called moon which is at the distance of 3,840,400 km from earth.

Moon Responsible for Oceans Tide

This occurs twice a day with the water level rising and then receding again. And every time the ocean retreats, different organisms and plants were left behind grasping to rocks. Hundreds of millions of years ago, these jailbirds were left with a choice, either modify according to life on the surface or expire. So if it weren’t for the moon, today humans would have fins, gill, and mermaid couturier.
Sun also pulls the water towards him but because its to far from earth somewhat 400 times farther than the moon so its influence is much weaker.

Now that you learned about the importance of the moon for the earth, What if the moon disappears right now?

Hey, Sam, “have you seen the moon? I can’t find it in sky it’s gone.

Jon, yes you idiot, I haven’t been looking at my phone all the time.

So Let’s find out the answer of this blood chilling question.

What if the moon Disappeared or Suddenly Blast?

We will not only see but also feel the brutal outcome straight away. The sun and the moon both pull the water towards themself that keep the balance, but now the moon’s taken out of the equation, the balance is shattered, and after 1 min 72,000 cubic miles of water started striking the sea level. After 5 min, in only 5 min all the islands and oceanside are covered by water and the people are looking at the end of their city. After 1 hour, the city fronting the oceans are beneath them. Now the ocean tides are stopped, this event was for a short time after the moon disappeared, but is cost billions of lives.

What Happens to Ocean If Moon Disappeared?

Now the earth is not like before, at night the moon is not there in the sky peoples are finding it in the sky. On the plus side, subscriptions to the weather channels go way up. Before this earth was rotating at the tilt axis and moon was the one holding the position and now the moon is disappeared, the earth started shaking and every hour season is changing on earth.

Due to this event, the other planet and sun are not affected and earth is normally revolving the earth, but its shaking on its own position resulting season changes every minute, that means equator will no longer the hottest part, and poles will no longer the coldest part, along with earthquakes and volcanoes will be active again with lava eruption.

Earth and civilization never recover after this cataclysmic disaster. Stalker wars ensue. Due to the new atmosphere on Earth, people can’t grow crops or develop agriculture. So resources become extremely limited. People start fighting for food, civil wars are likely to happen and that could be more horrifying than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Even the Black Friday sale at Walmart, without the moon to counterbalance it.
Hmm, its something to worry about.

After the period of warming and melting the ice at the poles, global cooling advances, and this is because the gravity of our satellites slows down the rotation of our planet. So without the moon, the Earth would spin faster and faster. Apart from copious shorter days, the temperatures would drop reason being the sun wouldn’t have sufficient time to heat the surface of our lovely planet.

Earth will Cool Down Very Quickly

Without the rocky giant moon, low and high tides will be decreased by around 75%, which disorder whole ecosphere that is dependent on the tides also called waves. A lot of new hybrid marine species will start evolving according to the current situation, and most species started to die.

In this situation, the months will be only of 7 days, and the years will be of 1000 days, people are started to habituate to this weird atmosphere with weird things, now this is not the world we lived in.

Uff, Now come out of this situation, Now you realized how important the is a moon for the earth. Like the sun, the moon is also important for living beings.

Interesting Fact :

The story which I told you, according to the scientists it is the past of mars, scientists think mars also had his moon and life in the past, but a dying star called supernova released a gama energy beam due to which mars moon get exploded.

Now you will be wondering is there any dead star near us that can destroy our moon, so don’t worry there is no such star in our range that can destroy our moon.

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