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My name is Dhruvit.

I Love Freaks.

I am a Computer Science Student and Blogger, feel free to share the knowleddge with you. I am a 18 year old, and i have a weirdo mind. That's why i have many questions ariving in my mind. So, I want to Share it with you.

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If You Believe in Science like I do, You believe than that there are some law that are always Obeyed.

                                                                                                            – Dalai Lama


This Blog is about Trend , Science Geeks, Knowledgeable Facts and Entertainment.

The great goal of TheBuZzyBrain is to make people knowledgeable, and solve the geeks in people’s mind by providing the answer of such questions that buzz people’s mind.

We are encouraging present and next generation to search for deep question and learn how to think.

We Started in 2020 with the aim of delivering knowledge around the world.

We also provide Science Entertainment.

We promise you that the content we provide is very unique, after reading our articles you will start seeing this world in a Unique Way.