Theres nothing more valuable than knowledge.

I'm lovin it!

Theres nothing more valuable than knowledge.

lovin it!


What If the Moon Disappeared Right Now?

Well finally, here’s a question I’ve never asked, and I’ll bet you haven’t either. What if the moon Disappeared?Well for some of you moon will be just a rocky giant…

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Every mind buzz question that arise in your mind we will try to answer it. along with some entertainment. So, bookmark this blog. 


In this blog we share content related to Science, Space, Mystery, Facts and some Big Screen Theater content slong with small screen.

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The great goal of TheBuZzyBrain is to make people knowledgeable, and solve the geeks in people’s mind by providing the answer of such questions that buzz people’s mind.

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Welcome friends.

I am a Student of Computer Engineer, I am 18 years old, and i have a very curious mind. I have many questions arising in my mind and I want to share it you..

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